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Hamare Hanuman

Hamare Hanuman is the term for greeting used by the all the people associated with Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta. It has been so popular that many people recognize Pandit ji with "Hamare Hanuman" tag line. This term is coined to boost up confidence and to intensify the bond with Lord Hanuman. The word HAMARE which means "ours" is used mostly in the case of strong belongingness and when used with HANUMAN, works like a mantra to increase self confidence. It reflects a close bond with Lord Hanuman. Panditji has assimilated the traits of Lord Hanuman in his life and considers him to be the epitome of an ideal life .

Vision and Mission

Life Management Group follows the vision of Panditji. He has set the following path for us to follow.

1. Lord Hanuman as the God of Life Management:

LMG intends to establish Lord Hanuman as the God of management. Though popular perception regarding Lord Hanuman is that of an orange coloured God with immense physical strength, Pt. Vijayshankar Mehtaji considers him to be the epitome of an ideal life. For him, the Lord's life is a perfect illustration of life management principles.

2. Life Management through spirituality:

We want to start Mahapath all over the globe so that the whole world will benefit from Life Management through spirituality. Panditji's redefined version of Hinduism and spirituality will break entrenched stereotypes.

3. Save The Family Movement:

As the traditional value systems are being challenged by the tides of modernization and westernisation, family as an entity has come under threat. LMG intends to include as many youngsters as possible in the movement to inculcate the importance of family life. Providing emotional security by reiterating the benefits of marriage and family is a main component of this campaign.

4. Meditation with Hanuman Chalisa:

Hanuman Chalisa, the forty stance verse invoking Lord Hanuman is powered with immense amount of cosmic energy. Meditating with Hanuman Chalisa is the best way to awaken your seven chakaras to the topmost level of Praanaayaam. Praanaayaam with every chaupai of Shri Hanuman Chalisa will regulate your breathing rhythm and help you reach a stage of utmost relaxation. As you thus gain control over your senses, energy from the lowest chakra gets transmitted to the topmost chakra. We are planning to start a series of meditation movements under the name 'Dhyaan with Lord Hanuman' across the globe.

5. Maditation course:

Meditation through Hanuman Chalisa course has reached to people worldwide. In Ujjain Simhasth (kumbh)-2016 ‘Hanumatdham’ camp was established and millions of people were benefited with this course and experienced peace within them.

6. The house of “Peace - Hanuman Temple- Yoga Temple :

Pure Temple - We need to make Hanuman temple as a symbol of yoga and cleanliness. We need to give information on how to keep temples clean and how can one do meditation through Hanuman Chalisa. This type of campaign can be organized in all the Hanuman temples of the country over the span of five years. Hanuman devotees can come together as a part of the cleanliness campaign. If you want to be at peace with yourself Then come, lets serve Shri Hanuman in an entirely new manner.

With us you realize that success is not just about material achievements. Only when the river of inner peace surges within you, true success is achieved.

The objectives of the Group

Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta is the most prominent Life Management Guru in India. He has given over 3500 lectures in India and abroad in the past 13 years. The appeal of his lectures lies in the way he connects the old religious texts to modern life. He is also one of the most read columnists of the popular Hindi daily, Dainik Bhaskar. He has a vibrant youth audience for his life management tips aired in 94.3 my fm. He has set the following goals for himself and the life management group.

1. To project Shri Hanuman Chalisa as an effective mantra for meditation.
2. To project Shri Hanumanji as a role model for the youth.
3. To make the worship of Lord Hanuman more egalitarian by including women also into the fold of worship.
4. To remove hypocrisy from worship of God and to make people understand the meaning of rituals.
5. 'Save the Family' Movement.

7 formulas

1. Truth:

Try to be truthful always. This will bring out your most natural self.

2. Ego:

Put aside ego. You will feel light and relaxed.

3. Avoid Denouncement:

Don't denounce others. This will make you free.

4. Prayer:

Pray everyday. This will strengthen you internally.

5. Silence:

Silence does not mean the act of not speaking. Try to be consciously silent for sometime every day. You will be at peace with yourself.

6. Meditation:

Practise meditation every day. You will become fit mentally and physically

7. Networking:

Try to spend some time with your near and dear ones. Make a time schedule to spend time with your family, friends and colleagues.

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